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Saturday, June 11th, 2005
6:03 pm - rip
This journal is now dead. Good times!

7 Feb 2003 - 11 June 2005.

(PS: Comment if you want to be added on the other one.)

current mood: Shall we play a game of tag?

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3:35 pm - Opinions?
Mm. Thinking about killing this journal.

current mood: pensive

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Friday, June 10th, 2005
5:42 pm - stay awff... the crack!
Sometimes it's nice to be alive, just to be able to read Sandman on the train and to make fun of Interpol and to make Ultra Very Special Projects that finally work, and to weird out Girl Perpetually in Black. Oh, and to listen to the Art Brut album. And to marvel at the beautiful and inventive and fun packaging it's in.

$21.66 from the Virgin. And just a week and a half of waiting. Not too shabby.

current mood: happy

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Thursday, June 9th, 2005
7:57 pm - i wish i had work tomorrow so i could have some tasty bbq action...
Damian the Impressive Blond continues to amuse me to no end. I told him I like his hair. Anyway, the things I learned about him are a) he is a vegetarian (go figure) and b) he works at Chipotle. Is this guy awesome or what?

I spent most of the day working around Whitney and Matt. Matt had me go through all this Matador inventory. Told me I did a good job, and I think I worked quicker than he expected. Rachel had told me before that Matador numbers go -1 for LPs and -2 for CDs, but I also learned that DVDs have a -9 at the end of their numbers. (For example, I think the 10th year anniversary compilation has the number OLE 400-1 and OLE 400-2.) Good to know! I played Whitney some of the new Xiu Xiu, she seemed really excited about it. I don't know if it's because Whitney is new, but she's more willing to do shit work and run errands. Therefore, I think she is awesome. She's also started pasting up stuff on the wall, hahaha. We went out to Staples together to get toner. Anyway, the three of us did lunch together. We sat outside in the heat. Talked shit about Interpol.

I did tell Andy about all the nice things British David said about him, and he seemed pretty tickled by it all.

"...So you know, you have like a freaky little fanboy back in the UK."
"Is this kind of like a man-crush?"
"Oh yeah, it's totally a hetero thing."

(Andy says thanks for the nice words.)

We got about 50 boxes of Tag body spray. God knows what Drill Team will do with that shit.



PS: Fuck Coldplay. But not a la Gwyneth Paltrow! Wouldn't wanna end up with a little Banana or Pomegranate...

current mood: meh.

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Wednesday, June 8th, 2005
10:13 pm - i caught myself humming to "mr. brightside", the horror. ;)
There's a Simpsons movie in production? Why? What's the point? Like what is this going to accomplish? Right, because currently the jokes are so funny in their 30 minute format. Yeah, okay. Sure.


Yeah, I made a poll earlier but I deleted it, I guess I'll do it again later. I borrowed out the first two volumes of Sandman, returned other schtuff, had lunch in Downstein where it was air-conditioned, met up with Maria, walked around with Maria, went to Maria's room to listen to her Clooney Tunes compilation (wtf how amazing is that??). Awkward white-boy rapping by my own true hero Daniel Kessler = never a bad thing. So hot and humid today. Yick.

Had a nice chat with British David.

Listened to all my new albums. A delight.

Tomorrow, work! Exciting!

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Tuesday, June 7th, 2005
9:40 pm - play! and hit repeat!
The Futureheads were last night. I ran out of work, took this crazy route to get to Pianos, not Piano's as I originally thought, and I queued up with Maria and Rrrachel. Then Boogie-Down Nicole, being the smart-ass that she is, lined up with us, umbrella in hand. Maria, Rachel and I were not as well-prepared. But that's all right, we went in soon enough. Swatch is an awesome if random sponsor. I couldn't really see the Futureheads do their acoustic schtick but they sounded lovely, at least when the sound system decided to start working. The set was weird, but very beautiful. Because you listen to the Futureheads' album, and you're like, "What a spazzy little punk band, how cute!" But then they were playing this acoustic set and you could tell that they do indeed think about the arrangements, and they're very pretty arrangements. And I realized that I do hear all these pretty instrumental parts, but I never focus my attention very closely on them, and that I've been missing out. I appreciated this epiphany so much. And they ended the set with two lovely lovely songs, "Hounds of Love" and "Piece of Crap". They're so fucking funny. They're like, "This song is by Kate Bush" and then someone (Ross?) was like, "No, it's by Bush the band!" and started singing a Bush song. WTF. "It's America's fault that they're famous!" Great banter. When they were about to get on stage Jaff the Giant pushed Rachel out of the way so he could get to the stage. Amazing or amazing? And Dave was wearing a High Speed Scene shirt! Awwwww. Met Maria's friend Jeff, and I also hugged Cameron who was chatting it up with all the folks. I'm telling you, if anyone on my LJ is gente conocida, it's him. Oh, and Eddie Argos and Chris Chinchilla and Don Blum, but that's another story altogether.

We walked leisurely up the East Side, and we wanted to miss the opening acts, so we uh, went to Third North. Yeah, we live on the edge. Gabriela Gangsta met us there. Later on her Deadbeat Boyfriend (r) met up with us. Nice kid. Has an affinity for Altoids, as I later discovered. Anyway, we all walked to Webster Hall and I wasn't really impressed with the venue. I was actually really scared about the floor shaking under me. It made me nervous and I had a hard time keeping my balance. Another thing, it was so so sad that the show wasn't sold out. What a fucking crime! When we went in Pitty Sing were playing like their last song in their set. I dunno, they don't seem like they know where they want their sound to go yet. Didn't like them.

The High Speed Scene were an adorable and enjoyable opening band. The music's like whatever to me, not my thing, but I was smiling through their entire set, cos they were trying, and the drummer's so damn old, and the guitarist was pulling all these facial expressions that were priceless. AND. In the middle of the set, he was like, "We played the Bowery"--referring to the good old days when they were the first band up at the Futureheads show--"and Elijah Wood was standing right there through the entire set!!" Isn't that funny? They outed the fact that Frodo cares about opening bands! Even better, THEY CALLED FRODO BY HIS REAL NAME!!!

Ahem. The Futureheads, as earlier, were lovely. It took one entire song and Ross's glasses were off. The set was awesome, mostly because they played every fucking song I know, plus some extra that I didn't even know. They left my very favorite song (currently) for last: "Piece of Crap". SPAZXCORE!!

This is the part of my post when I speak of the amazing influence that Nardwuar has over people. For someone with such an annoyingly shrill voice, he never ceases to amaze. I bet if he hadn't hollered about the lack of "Danger of the Water" in the Futureheads' set, they wouldn't have incorporated it. More importantly. If it weren't for the Nardwuar vs. the Futureheads interview, I wouldn't have sang as hard and loud and sincere as I did during "Hounds of Love". You know how during that song the audience is split in half? We were on Ross's side and we all all all sang really hard. I do think our side won. Eat your heart out, Jaff. I have to say, the Futureheads are wonderful showmen. Even Dave who hardly even looked at the audience and focused on his playing. They all work so hard to put on a good show. Sweet guys.

By the way, we're all really awful, I think Rachel and Maria noticed Bob Hardy and then Paul Thompson (sp?) and his very hot wife (er, name please?) were sitting in the balcony. And I think Rachel pointed to them. Long story short, they saw us staring at them and they continually went on to watch us, and every now and then I peeked, and uh, I made eye contact with Paul's wife, ahhh so awkward and stalkerish. I know I know, we're so naughty... Oh well, at least next time Bob's around at Other Music I won't whisper loudly about the Bob Brigade and I'll actually ask him about the show instead. Ha, yerright.

The greatest thing was, as soon as the show was over, all I could ask was, "When are they coming again??" I can't fucking wait...

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8:46 pm - work!
At one point yesterday Patrick came up to me and said, "I told you I'd get you more help!" He did. There was a new girl and yesterday we had four whole people working. The new girl is named Leah. It was Paul's second day, too, so it he pretty much re-learned what we did last Tuesday, which was his first day. It was so fucking hot and there was no AC except in the Annex, so while the other people worked their asses off packing White Stripes cds, I stayed inside the Annex filing cds. I probably would have packaged stuff in the heat but I really didn't want to keep looking at Jack White's frightening face. Oh, by the way. The other Patrick paid me $80 for the first two weeks I worked! Sweet.

One of the Andys was telling me his birthday was during the weekend, and I asked how old he was. "How old do you think I am?" I joked, "45", and I told him I was kidding but his face just changed for a second and was like, "Wait do I really look that old???" (He turned 26.)


Excuse me. ANYWAY. Today we had another new girl, Whitney, and it was another chance to relearn everything. Of course, since I've been here the longest I was the moron who caused a paper jam in the printer. Whatever, I've only been here four weeks. It's really amazing seeing every one of the new kids make the same mistakes that I make. And you know, it doesn't get better. Last week Damian the Impressive Blond forgot to put an invoice into its right package... and he's been here since winter! Anyway, Whitney's actually friends with Paul; they go to the same school.

But I'm more excited about Leah and the reason is this: she knows who the Mae Shi are. I get the feeling we'll be buddies. I put on my jukebox and it was on shuffle (yes, Rachel, the Carlos D soundbite popped up), and Smoosh started playing and she was like, "WHAT IS THIS??" :D It was so cute, someone put on Deerhoof later and Paul, Leah and I were all like, "This is awesome!" Aw, I think I'm gonna like my Tuesdays.

I defaced the walls some more today, I put up some more Nothing Nice to Say strips, as well as a Cat and Girl one. Matt gave me props for playing X, because he plays X a lot, too.

Also, I cashed in my store credit and got:
Sung Tongs
Rejoicing in the Hands
Apple O'
Loose Crochet
Everything Ecstatic
RaYDONcoNG 2005
A Grand Don't Come for Free
Fabulous Muscles

Like a moron, I took a trip to Other Music after work, and I beeped like crazy when I walked in, and I was like, "Oh, they'll just take my bag, right?" NO. Whoever it was (erm, I was too nervous to make eye contact) asked, "Do you have any CDs or DVDs in your bag?" And he made me take out all eight of my CDs so he could desensitize them which means he saw all the things that I got at work and probably laughed his little indie ass off at my pathetic choices!!! Even if he thinks the albums are cool he's probably thinking, "Man, I was all over this band from their first fucking EP! They used to roadie for me! Etc etc!" AHHHHH. I didn't stay long, except for the sign that said that Grumpy Jesus Guy and Girl Perpetually in Black are DJing together. Man, isn't that so cute? I love Other Music, even if I made a racket with my CDs.

Man, everyone at Insound is so hot. I don't even care if I'm the ugliest one--it's nice to just look at everyone. Sigh.

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Sunday, June 5th, 2005
10:49 pm - what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.
Went to the Armpit of America but this time I sorta felt like being kinda nice and my cousin's kid turned five and as a present my cousin bought her a fucking huge tramp...oline. (Oh yes. Real witty.) Anyway, said trampoline was used and abused by many a person including me and my brother. It was a nice day. It was really pretty because they live on a farm, and there were all these daisies growing like crazy, and my dad made me little bracelet made out of daisies, and the sky was mostly cloudless and a pretty blue. But I think I find the Wawas to be the most fascinating thing in New Jersey.

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Saturday, June 4th, 2005
8:32 pm - unnecessary posts make the world go round.
Apparently there's a Belle and Sebastian ecard where you can play a game? Ici.

I like Shakira's new single. Of all the people whose albums are gonna come out on Tuesday (I'm talking to youse, Chris Martin and Jack White), I am most likely going to buy hers. Okay, that's all I'll say about this matter for now. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Café Tacuba are gonna play in Jersey and not NYC. This, therefore, sucks.

It also sucks that Art Brut have no American distribution. Exasperating to the nth degree. I put all the blame on their little label.

I watched Half Japanese: The Band that Would be King. It was pretty fun! I was like, "So this is where Art Brut got their sound..." They probably didn't know either. But it's nice to learn about musical roots and schtuff. And I never knew what Gerard Cosloy looked like, so uh, that was a self-esteem booster. Cos as soon as he showed up on the tv screen I was like, "DORK!" Ahahaha. Okay, hopefully no one will dig up this journal when I apply for an internship at the label... :D I think the highlight of the movie was that footage of the band playing to all these old folks, and then one of the old dudes getting out his harmonica and jamming with the band. Hells yeah!

I listened to La Foret. I only gave it one entire spin, but I played it full volume and I didn't do anything while it played. It made me smile. I will definitely be getting the album as soon as we fucking get it.

One last and very very important thing: Don Blum has updated his journal. Damn, even rock stars can't keep away from their ljs. Is this cool or sad? Of course it's cool. I know you're probably thinking, "Who cares about the Von Bondies!" and I say, "No one! DUH!" But the Don. Oh, the Don. You can't NOT care about this man. Read the journal. Love the journal. Love the Don.

Edits: 1. I like this song on the new Coldplay called "Talk". That's pretty much it on the album. 2. That Belle and Sebastian game is pretty goofy but I like the Yo La Tengo one better cos it's mad retro and I like the missions better (saving WFMU, Chanukah, etc...).

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Friday, June 3rd, 2005
7:04 pm - me gusta sentirme como gente conocida...
Today: Rachel and I met at the Virgin, then we went to Pommes Frites where we split a double order which we didn't finish. The curry ketchup tasted really good though! We made the regular pit stops to Etherea, Other Music, American Apparel.

At Other Music we were too scared to ask the Girl Perpetually in Black for help, because we feared that she'd laugh her ass off at our request for Art Brut. She has refined tastes, don't you know. She like the Malkmus. But then, don't we all? He's a looker, that one. ANYWAY. The point is that we waited until Tall Irish Guy was at the register and he was quite polite and non-judgmental and even HELPFUL, at least to the point of telling us that imports take a couple of weeks to come. I know I've been going into the store for a long time but seriously, it never ceases to amaze me that these employees are more likely to channel the Dick than the Barry. (Have I lost you people with the High Fidelity namechecking...?)

Either way, we departed and we went on to the Swatch store where Rachel and I both got passes for this Futureheads acoustic thingy. Each pass gets two people in, anyone wanna be my +1? I know it's not a guestlist thing or anything but saying "+1" makes me feel like I'm important and like gente conocida. Y'know.

I just want to say that I love to make small talk. I love to schmooze. But today I wasn't milking the schmoozing skills because I needed to go meet my mom. So I'd like to apologize to Ivy, and Andrea, who was hanging with Ivy, as well as to my darling Maria, who is too damn cute for words. I felt so bad, cos I wanted to talk and talk, but you can't keep your mother waiting!

My mom and I looked for shoes. I didn't like them. We came back with no shoes.



oh, by the way, that place i interviewed at didn't take me but they're like, "um, we might have you as an alternate" and it was the nicest rejection letter ever, so i have to say, i'm pretty fucking ecstatic. ahaha.

current mood: could be better.

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Thursday, June 2nd, 2005
7:08 pm - yes, i'm testing your patience.
I was voluntarily stuck in this tiny little room all day. And I just put cds and vinyl on the shelves of the Annex. And I listened to Animal Collective & Deerhoof & Dungen & assorted goodies as I worked. Yes, it was FUN! Oh! And I almost shipped a fake order out! But one of the interns, Natalie, stopped me. She's like, "I've gotten that order before..." I asked her how she knew the order was fake, and she's like, "Irish addresses don't show up like that." Whoa dude. I really need to pay attention. I mean, I should have known no one in his right mind would buy a vinyl copy of Frances the Mute. I showed Andy who fills out the orders and he was like, "Oh shit". Ahahaha. When I plugged in my mp3 jukebox thingy it was on random, and we had Patrick who hired me give a prospective intern a little tour of the Annex, and I was just so so grateful that the Stooges were playing at that instant instead of Daddy Yankee or Taking Back Sunday or Tsunami Bomb (all of which popped up as I was working today). I'm also glad that no one told me my taste in music sucks. Believe me, I'm aware that I have a long way to go, and I don't need people crushing my ego. The other Andy came in and saw my player and told me he used to have the same thing, which surprised me, because if my friends don't have iPods, they don't have any sort of mp3 player at all. I asked Andy who fills out the orders a lot of questions, and I got some interesting answers ("Jennifer Gentle are a band, not a person. Same with Tobin Sprout..."), and he played Rogue Wave and I'd never listened to Rogue Wave and I dug it enough for me to mention it on this post. So congrats to this band for having cool enough music for me to mention them, ahahahaha. For a few minutes Matt asked me to help him cut up boxes to save space, and I think we both knew that I was being a moron and not doing a good job, so he mercifully sent me back into the Annex where I filed a shitload of "C'mere" cds, and Antony & the Johnsons schtuff, and these supposedly glow-in-the-dark "Neighborhood #3" 7 inches. Holy moly! I stayed in the room for a long time because there was so much shit to do and I finally gave up even though there were still a lot of boxes to file. I went on to put postage on our packages. I think Damian the Impressive Blond has given up on trying to get me to speak, so I feel kinda bad now. Haha. I finally spoke to the other Patrick who handles all the money, and he said he'd mail me a check, cos I'm supposed to get a stipend. I'll leave the store credit for next week.

Two last things:


The other thing is that Kareem fucking rules. But we all knew that already, right?

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Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
11:06 pm - curious thing, really.
I didn't realize Crazy Sideburns Dude was like, a go-to guy for pointless quotes. Such as:

"It's really hard to run a successful business selling records these days," says Josh Madell, co-owner of Manhattan's Other Music, a store that 10 years ago had the cojones to open up across the street from Tower Records... (from the Village Voice)

I'm not saying he said something stupid, more like it's not exactly a revelation, plus, you could replace his name with anyone else's. Man, I bet it's cos he's nice. So everybody's coming over to him bothering him for quotes when he's busy taking care of his sideburns and his dogs and about recommending pierogies to the kids. The things he does for this community!

current mood: ¡cojones! jajajaja...

(take my love in real small doses.)

5:58 pm - i love the library, pt. 429.
Taken out of the library for Maria:
- a book of poetry inspired by the Grimm fairy tales
- a book on Melody Maker
- Emblems, Matt Pond PA
- I, the Magnetic Fields

For me:
- Real Women Have Curves
- Amandla!
- a documentary on a band I've only heard of (that would be Half Japanese), and it features Moe Tucker and Gerard Cosloy so I'm expecting a lot from this
- Dirty, Sonic Youth


So. I had a nice leisurely day. My goals for the day were to have lunch, bother Kareem at Etherea, and go to the library and pick up the Carter Family book.

Well, I met with Maria to witness my accomplishments for the day, and we decided to go to Downstein. The last time I was in Downstein was last June. No wait, maybe September. It was the previous calendar year, that's my point. Anyway, as we were going down the stairs Kareem was going up, and I pointed to him, and he's a smart one so he saw me pointing straight at him, and he said hello, and I asked for his wisdom, because I value his (musical) opinion, and he threw a lot of names around, and I threw "Animal Collective" out there, and he agreed that I should indeed acquire the new EP. Since I got to annoy Kareem on the stairs while we blocked people's ways, I saw no point in going to Etherea.

So Maria and I had a lovely and lengthy meal where she told me about Motherfucker and Daniel Kessler and blah blah, good stuff. After a long while we decided to go to the library so we took a nice little train ride and we looked at all the floors and got all those nice little goodies. I am extremely pleased with my finds. Next time, I shall borrow out Whale Rider and cheer at the little girl who says "Johnny Depp" in a funny (erm, Australian) way. I have a soft spot for cheesy movies like that. Maria and I parted ways, but somehow she caught up to me again, so today we said goodby twice. But it was a nice sorta goodby, cos we'll see each other again.

14 :(take my love in real small doses.)

Tuesday, May 31st, 2005
8:49 pm - the day after memorial day means a shitload of work for the insound interns.
Hello my lovely droogies,

Siren is finally under way. I am excited about the following bands that are scheduled to play: Spoon, Dungen, and Q And Not U. Hurrah!

And so continues the "Elizabeth is never gonna cash in her hours if a new intern doesn't show up" saga. I have to say, I had a very busy but nice day. There was the new kid, Paul, who had to take off early. Seems like we'll get along, though. There is only one Matt in Insound now, because I guess the other, non-existent Matt is too busy with his band's career. It only makes sense. But it also means that Tuesday it's just me and Paul, and Paul is going to leave early EVERY Tuesday, so basically I'm just hoping for one more person to come and help out. Patrick thought Paul was gonna stay the entire day, but at 3:30 I was left alone and Paul was waiting for the elevator and Patrick was like, "How's it going Elizabeth", and I mentioned that Paul had left, and Patrick gave me this look of "SAY WHAT?" He continued to worry and he got Matt to help me out. It's really not fair because Matt is paid and everything and he's already got his job, but today he had to go to Matador and run to the post office and help me prepare packages for DHL. It's not bad, but it's like, why should he do the shit work when he's got his own desk and his own computer and whatevs.

It's pretty funny, I asked Paul if he wanted to eat lunch with me, and he declined and kept working, and when I was eating my lunch I was like, "You know, you can take a break if you want", so he was like, "Oh, maybe I'll go have some coffee", and when he was about to leave, he hesitated and was like, "So... do I just leave? Do I have to tell anyone?" I was like, "No, you can just go". Honestly, this place is so fucking chill. I was actually really surprised about it, too. Later when he was about to leave, Paul asked again, "Do I have to tell anyone?" And I told him that he just needed to write in his hours and that was that.

We're also allowed to deface the walls and stick up anything we want on them, so I decided to join in the fun and post up this recent strip from Nothing Nice to Say which, sadly, cracks me up a bit too much. Matt asked me if Joey Ramone had ever really been on Sesame Street, and I went on to explain that I've never ever watched that show. This may or may not be why I'm not very intelligent. Doesn't matter though, Andy and I gushed about Freaks and Geeks.

I have to say, one of the nicest things about being left with all the work is that everyone is extra nice to you and feels bad for you and is all accomodating. And y'know, I'm so hungry for attention, I enjoyed that very much. Why lie, right?

Okay, so by the end of Thursday, I'll have $104 worth of store credit--cripes. I hope I have enough things I want to buy.

current mood: crappy

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Monday, May 30th, 2005
11:25 am - is it possible to watch too much freaks and geeks?

I love Tiny Mix Tapes news bits. Read it and weep... from joy. Remember when Pitchfork actually used to be good? Faintly? Yeah, me too.

Nothing much happening here in the Boogie-Down Bronx. Just listening to a lot of music, romanticizing about Washington Heights, watching too much teevee, not going to work, good times.

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Saturday, May 28th, 2005
6:01 pm - forget what you heard.
Eyeball Skeleton. They're this band with these two boys who are even younger than the two girls in Smoosh. Their dad plays the drums, and the two brothers sing and play guitar and bass. The bassist's name is actually Charlie Brown. Their schtick, besides being jailbait, is that they draw pictures for inspiration and write songs about these pictures.

Smoosh, Be Your Own PET, the Trachtenburg girl. None of them play amazing, life-changing music, though I do like all of them and they're still more enjoyable than the Killers, or the Bravery, or Louis XIV. So why does it bother me so much that these kids are in these bands?

I'm mostly a Smoosh fan. But I know that, listening to Smoosh, I wonder where they got the money to go into the studio. The truth is that I don't like the singer in the band. She's already getting a big head. And Be Your Own PET, they're cool, but it's weird that their first single was released on XL and their next one is going to be released on Rough Trade. The material I've heard by them is not that strong.

The problem is, whenever I think about their ages, I wonder if I'm just bitter that I'm 18 and packaging cds in this little office in Chinatown. But I think what irks me most is the parents. Is it okay for them to push these kids to play shows, record, so on? Are they letting the kids choose these paths? Are they living vicariously through their kids?

What really sucks, what really makes me feel so conflicted, is that the songs that I've heard by these bands are good, enjoyable. In a kid-like sort of way, but they all have this direct pop feel above all.

I don't know, do I make any sense? Maybe I'll just go back to watching Freaks and Geeks. We got the box set. My life is complete.

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Friday, May 27th, 2005
9:47 pm - "...like a dark angel emerging from the fallen ashes..."
1) When I came home I was really cranky and in pain cos women seem to think that suffering for beauty is good or somethng equally hyperbolic. (I wore heels and my feet hurt is all...) But then I started working on this thing that Nafisa asked me to help her on, and I'm just flattered that she even thought to ask me in the first place, and I don't think I really followed the parameters she drew very accurately, but the point is that I got so engrossed in it all that I just destressed trying to think of the best way to help Nafisa. At the least she has a starting point, and I think it's a good thing.

2) I had pierogies at Odessa. They had mushrooms and sauerkraut in them. Could I get more East Village than that? Quite an enjoyable experience. Must report back to Crazy Sideburns Dude.

3) Rachel and I were sitting in the Junky Park listening to Nardwuar's shrill voice when I saw a familiar figure walking across the park and I realized it was Carlos and I said "Look, it's Carlos", and... that was it. I think one of us may actually have uttered "Eh." We stayed put, my feet hurt, and later we wondered if we should have bothered him. Meh, it was hysterical just watching him walk. It's so upright and like he is the center of attention. No one bothered him. We're so spoiled, we both thought, "So what? Next time..." We were gonna stay put even longer except these little girls showed up with this Skip-It thingy and they were all REALLY GOOD. WTF? I tried that thing like once or twice and I couldn't do it so I gave up. Rachel got pissed too. Damn them and their good sense of coordination!!!

4) We wrote Alex Kapranos a postcard. We thought he'd enjoy it. We told him we could give a shit about his stupid fringe, but that we hope he doesn't fuck off and die from his peanut allergy.

Anyway, I'm feeling nice today, so I want to tell you all that I love you, in some strangely distant but connected sense. Y'know.

current mood: fluctuating. haha.

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Thursday, May 26th, 2005
10:51 pm - for nostalgia purposes.

It was like 5PM on Monday. And the UPS guy delivered 20 boxes from Matador. A hush fell over the office. We just stared at the boxes for a while. We knew what was inside. A couple dudes got choked up. And two ladies got all flush. The staff looked my way, and I nodded like Mr. Miyagi affirming Daniel's assumption that the 'crane kick' was the right move. And then we attacked those boxes like a bunch of savages. Like savages I tell you. We tore the boxes open and threw the promo copy in the nearest CD player. And for the next twelve hours we listened to 'Antics.' So much happened during those 12 hours. Lives were changed. Two Insounders got tattoos that say 'PDA' on their chests and one got permanent eye make-up tattoos and legally changed his name to 'Carlos.'

When sun rose, an eager visitor stopped by to drop off some records. Just a sweet indie label guy. And he saw the scene and said, 'Hey there...oh...the new Interpol?' And with that he made a move towards the boxes. He only wanted to pick up a CD. To look at it. He was excited. But with blinding speed and precision, two protective Insounders lunged towards the indie label guy. One had him in a 'Half Nelson' and the other gave him a swift strike to the throat, rendering him incapacitated. As the indie label guy lay on the floor, gurgling, I proudly looked over to Carlos, the overly-agressive Insounder. 'Don't touch the Interpol,' Carlos said. 'It doesn't come out til next week. We'll ship your copies to arrive on the release date. Hear me? Hear me, sucker?' I'll tell you -- never in my life have I been prouder. Great Carlos. So strong. So true. We've got Interpol 'Antics.' We'll ship you your copies so you get them on the release date. But god help us if you touch them one minute sooner.

(Just needed somewhere to put this. From the Insound newsletter last September. It still makes me laugh.)

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Wednesday, May 25th, 2005
8:24 pm - "i'm an artist, not a musician."
Free Central Park Summerstage events.

I am really excited cos MIA & her bitch boy Diplo are gonna play one of the shows, and I'm totally gonna go. I do like MIA's music but I really don't want to give this girl ANY of my money. She'll get over it. Moreover, in a bizarre twist of events, Los Aterciopelados are opening for COHEED AND CAMBRIA. Everybody together: WTF?!?!

People I saw today:
Noelle (I'm pretty sure)
Matt Romano

About this Bob Hardy thing, he came into Other Music and I was really surprised and we made eye contact and I didn't really know what to do or what to say so I just let him be. I asked Rachel about Señor Hardy, because she knows all about the Franz except for what makes Alex Kapranos wheeze, and she explained that some of their recording stuff is happening ici in New York City. Oh my. Ironically enough, Rachel was holding a Franz Ferdinand single in her hands when he walked in. Ever the artist, he was holding a Pearl Paint bag. Even if we didn't bother him, the Bob Brigade was quite delighted to see this (shaven) man in person.

Today it was a party of four at Benny's Burritos: Maria, Doris, Rachel, and me. We all had separate checks.

Here are the River to River events, which are also very much GRATISXCORE. Search for stuff on the right hand side.

Tomorrow: stressful job interview, many many nerves, a bit of hope, preparation for disappointment.

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Monday, May 23rd, 2005
9:42 pm - wow this post is a mess.
I came home and I was really tired and I saw my mom, and she's actually pretty exhausted, so I realized that I had a pretty easy day.

But yeah, it was crazy, by the end of the day I was like, "UGH ENOUGH WITH THE SLEATER-KINNEY ALBUMS ALREADY GOD DAMN!" I went to Staples to get poster tubes to insert Sleater-Kinney posters that these customers had won. Hurrah. I met Wendy from high school. She seems to have been doing okay, kinda grumpy about having to move back home for the summer. Aw, it's really too bad. The tubes cost $20.81, but I'd only been given $20, so I put in my own money, and I told the dude who gave me money that I didn't care, but he still paid me 81 cents back. Ahaha.

So apparently there are two Patricks, two Andys, and two Matts. WTF? This place is tiny. And there are no Michaels, I don't think, and Michael is like the most common guy's name in America or some other hyperbolic and unfounded statistic. Both Andys like to be called "Andy" and not any other name, though the Patricks go by different names--the Patrick who hired me goes by Patrick and the other Patrick goes by his last name. Matt is just Matt because the other one has been missing in action. We really needed this other Matt to be there because we had a shitload of pre-order stuff to care for, and we didn't get it done. It's so sad. This other Matt, one of the Andys explained to me, was missing before because Matt's band was on tour, and now this other Matt is in the studio recording stuff. "What instrument does he play?" I asked. Earlier in the day when Sarah and I were having lunch--my first falafel, good stuff--, Sarah said word on the street is that non-existent Matt is very very quiet, and we joked that he's probably not the singer, then. The Andy who was telling me about this absent Matt couldn't tell me because he didn't know. What a mysterious being.

Either way, Sarah had to go to class and I was left with unfinished work that needed to be done, so I stayed for almost an hour longer and the Andys both took pity on me. At first I was really stressed out but they took note that I was TRYING and I calmed down a bit after I felt acknowledged. It wasn't like they did anything, it was more like, "Hey, sorry you still have to stick around..."

I like the place I work at.


Dear friends,

I have given Get Behind Me Satan one full spin. Metaphorically speaking, anyway, because I had my brother download it for me while I was at work. I can't tell you which song I liked best. None of them stood out after "Blue Orchid". I also get the suspicion that "Blue Orchid" stood out only because I'd heard it before. I downloaded the video for the song, too, and I like it very much except for the parts where Jack White is featured, which is like half the video. Was it directed by Floria Sigismondi? There are new press pictures on the White Stripes site with the band wearing the same clothes as in the video, and those pictures were taken by Floria Sigismondi. Anyway, yeah, the new album seems like a continuation of Elephant, which is the wrong album to continue from. I wish they'd gone a bit more country. I mean, marimbas are cute, but I dunno, they're not my thing. I'm into like, accordions and cowbells and handclaps, none of which are included in this album, I don't think.

Okay, so this is my official soundbite for the new White Stripes album: It pisses me off that before, the White Stripes were just these white kids trying to imitate black musicians, whereas now, they are these white kids who are trying to imitate white musicians who imitate black musicians. That's the feeling I get anyway, and it's a feeling I don't like.

Disappointed but not really surprised,
Elizabeth U.

November 29, 2001
November 5, 2002
August 23, 2003
October 15, 2003

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Saturday, May 21st, 2005
10:43 pm - interpol on the kroq weenie roast webcast.
Mmm I do feel a bit better because I found a site with decent Decemberists tabs, at least for "The Engine Driver", but still, here's a little post on trying to watch an Interpol show over the internet:

See Elizabeth bitchCollapse )

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4:39 pm - i pity da fool who don't celebrate mr. t's birthday!!!
Aight, they're doing a webcast of the KROQ Weenie Roast, that way you can tune in whenever you need to. Pacific time, so if you're in the East Coast you subtract... three hours?


I thought there was a god because the Bravery are getting a shittier time than Alkaline Trio. But the Killers are getting better billing than Interpol, and surprisingly, My Chemical Romance.


SHOCKER OF THE DAY. Keiko Agena (aka Lane Kim aka Dave Rygalski's ex SIGH) is 31 going on 32. HOT DAMN.

I also watched this vid of Interpol on Leno (go to the community for a download link), and it was SO FUCKING FUNNY. Actually, no it wasn't, except for in the beginning where Danny K bumps into one of his amps while trying one of his craaaaayzee moves. God bless this tiny man. A funny story for you guys who aren't that into Interpol: this one time, at some show back in like 2003 or so, I'm not sure, Daniel was doing his thing when he bumped into an amp and fell backwards, and instead of stopping his part and getting up, he just played the rest of the song lying on his back. Man, would I have paid a million dollars to see that. I love the guy, but c'mon, it's all very funny.

Erm, the performance of "Evil" is pretty decent, the mix is bearable. And Paul Banks is wearing a leather jacket... a la Julian Casablancas.

Enjoy this useless info!

- AW HAIL NAW The Dead 60s were already pissing me off because they're like a bad The Coral, but then their leader fucking had to pull out the cowbell. YOU HAVE NO RHYTHM DUDE GO BACK TO LIVERPOOL WHERE YOU CAN BE A LIVERPUDLIAN IN PEACE.
- I'm digging the Bravery a lot more, but I guess it's all too easy when you follow the Dead 60s, huh? Nowhere to go but up. Skabba the Hutt 4 Life! Ahaha oh my god the bassist boy with pretty eye makeup took off his shirt and... let's just say that even Matt Tong is more impressive without his shirt on... so pale...
- That may have been the most amazing set that Alkaline Trio cool have pulled out of their asses, not necessarily how well they played, but just the choice of songs. It's understandable because it's a festival so you need to make the best impression, but seriously, BAM BAM BAM one good song after another. I recorded this set, if anyone wants it I can gmail/im/yousendit (in order of preference). Cripes. And it didn't seem a bit weird that they'd be playing in plain daylight.
- MxPx suck, especially because Hot Hot Heat should have gotten their webcast thingy on by now. Bloody hell. The music blows even more than Alkaline Trio's. I can't believe this band is in the main stage. Ugh.
- What happened? Hot Hot Heat should have been famous. Man, they're fucking Canadian! But no, instead, they lose their guitarist, the singer gets the ugliest jewfrom this side of Albert Hammond, Jr., and all their new songs sound the same.
- I only saw My Chemical Romance do their last song, the one the dude sings about his gram. Um, singer dude was wearing a bulletproof vest? It was weird. They sounded okay.
- Jimmy Eat World blows.
- SHIT MY INTERPOL RECORDING GOT FUCKED BIG TIME OH MAN. I am so heartbroken and so so frustrated. I can't believe I waited for hours just for my computer to fuck up. More on that later.

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Friday, May 20th, 2005
10:49 pm - "just try and stay positive..."
I feel better, I feel better. I shall speak of good things, nice things. It shall be an escape.

One of my favorite books in the whole wide world is The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay, and a lot of it has to do with the element of escape. Joe Kavalier (aka Hottest Fictional Character Ever, hubba hubba) is so so engrossing as this man who just lives to escape. At least that's what I remember from the book. I should reread it. I might pick up some good vocabulary.

I'm mentioning all of this because I just re-watched the last episode of Freaks and Geeks that ever aired, it featured James Franco playing Dungeons & Dragons and that would have been sexy enough. BUT NO. HIS CHARACTER WAS NAMED CARLOS THE DWARF. Carlos Dwarf. Carlos D. Carlos D is gigantic. It all makes sense in my head... All hail Freaks and Geeks!!

I hung out with Rachel today and we went into OM twice. It was fun, except for the very end. I felt like an ass. Daniel Givens watched me dance, though, that was funny. And The Nice Girl sold Rachel a copy of the Interpol EP that Matador put out "back in the day", wtf, how amazing is that? So amazing on so many levels. Most importantly, Crazy Sideburns Dude wore the most pink of all pink shirts (eat your heart out, J. Ro), and he looked really badass in the process. God bless Crazy Sideburns Dude.

I had a mushroom burger and some chocolate.

The other thing that was particularly lovely today was "Leaf House" by Animal Collective, though I found it a bit frustrating, too. I feel really bad when the first track of an album is so fucking awesome and I get fixated on the song and can't move on to the rest of the album. But for now I have been listening to that song on repeat, and enjoying it. Sometimes you fall in love with a song, you know, and you're like, "Did I choose this song or did the song choose me?" But it's not as important as knowing that I've just accepted it, embraced it, and it feels good. It's a very beautiful song. At first I felt stupid for taking so long to give this band a chance, but on Sunday I was watching New York Noise and they were hosting the show, sort of, and they were all so... normal. But in a very lovely way. Like I wished I was their friend. I'd seen their bunny music video before [erm, the song is called "Who Could Win a Rabbit"], and it had scared me because it's the scariest usage of animal costumes I've ever seen in a music video. They showed it again on Sunday, and at first I was like, "Hey, this song is so good, I can deal". Then in the middle I realized that my breathing was getting weird, kinda irregular, and that I was tearing up. I was really freaked out by the video. But I wanted to hear the rest of song so badly, and I didn't want to change the channel, so I just closed my eyes and listened. I mean, it's music after all. I listened and I loved what I heard. I don't ever want to watch that video though, twice was enough. I may have taken a long time to get into this band, and I usually feel stupid when I get into a band after everyone else in the world does, but sometimes the band needs to get to you at the right time in your life, and I think Animal Collective have entered my life exactly at the right time in my life.

I'm sure this last bit was hard to get through and confusing, and if you really try to read the entire thing I salute, you, I do, but I mostly wrote that for myself. I might fall out of love with this song, "Leaf House", but I might as well pay it some tribute right now. I'm just honored to have heard it.

I feel a need to feed the Other Music staff.

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6:52 pm - ...on so many levels.

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Thursday, May 19th, 2005
8:01 pm - my interpol shirt and other random stuff.
For tomorrow:
Memory stick
Embarking on another ULTRA VERY SPECIAL PROJECT. Please note the ULTRA to emphasize it's no ordinary VERY SPECIAL PROJECT. Said usage of the word ULTRA has nothing to do with everyone's favorite Jewish blogger Ultragrrrl.

I had nothing to wear so I had to wear my Interpol shirt again, at least it didn't stink, and I guess I'm not gonna complain about having to wear an Interpol shirt. Anyway, Patrick was like, "Who wants to go to Matador today" and I said I'd go, but Matt sent someone else by mistake, and I was like, "Oh good, cos I don't want to look all dorky wearing my Interpol shirt at the Matador office", but Matt came up to me later and apologized for not sending me, never mind that I didn't even think it was a life or death situation that I should go. I thought, "Whatevs, I can go some other time". I had to stop and was shocked when that thought popped into my head because it's like, HOLY SHIT AM I PRIVILEGED OR WHAT? Can't go today, can go some other time--wow. Who would have thought I'd be in such a position? But yeah, Matt also offered me an Interpol Antics pin like the free ones they handed out at the Spaces and Curefest and shit, but I said that I had some already.

The one boy intern that I've met is an impressive blond. I mean, seriously, if you saw him from far away you'd think he has no eyebrows because his hair is so fucking light. Anyway, I think it really bothered him that I was so quiet. Not-so-funny unrelated story: I've been so quiet that when I was filing cds on the shelf I heard someone say "Where's Elizabeth?" and then footsteps, footsteps, then I see Patrick walk into the Annex where the cds are stored, sees me, and he's like, "Oh, there you are!" and then he, uh, walked away. Anyway, the boy intern interrogated me and I only sort of played along, because I answered his questions properly, but then I wouldn't do anything myself to keep a two-way conversation going. Yeah, I feel sorta bad, nice kid, though. It was the Asian girl intern's last day at Insound, and thinking about it was kinda weird because we had the same days for work, and she showed me around, and it's like I've replaced her as the Asian girl intern. GAhhhhh.

Today was a lovely day, except for some nasty plátanos that I had. I had lunch outside, and I got to think, and things were so pretty, and when I worked I got to listen to Galaxie 500, and the Pixies, and the Unicorns. I've pretty much gotten the hang of packaging vinyl. I didn't want to at first but I'm starting to like it more than just packaging cds. This is all quite compelling to you, I know.

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